Static Guard Service - Armed / Unarmed

We are able to supply you with qualified armed or unarmed static security guards to protect your property, people or event.  A static guard can remain at a specified location at times specified by you. This can be temporary or permanent.

Static Guards are useful for:

  • Protection of property, staff & clients;
  • Reduce vandalism & damage;
  • Visible security presence as a crime deterrent;
  • Swift security response;
  • Crowd Control;
  • Event Security;
  • Loss Prevention Officers.

Security Patrols

Security Patrols are available to conduct regular mobile patrols with on-premise investigation if required.  Patrols are conducted randomly within parameters specified by yourself.

Cash Transport / Banking Service

We offer cash management solutions that can protect your valuable cash generated from your business, and maximise the safety of your staff and customers.

The Services we provide include:

  • Non-armoured secure transport;
  • Armed/None Armed Security Personnel;
  • Customer Banking Requirements;
  • Change Supply (in notes &/or coins);
  • Armed/None Armed escorts.

Body Guards 

If you require a body guard for personal protection, we can arrange for a guard to be on hand on a temporary or permanent basis.

Event Security

We are able to provide event security to manage crowds or provide protection for an individual e.g. prominent guest.  Some situations where event security / crowd control is required is:

  • Special Event Security;
  • Private Parties;
  • Concerts;
  • Sporting Events.

Resort Security

We are able to provide your Resort with regular patrols to check perimeter and property security.

Alarm Monitoring

We are able to provide regular co-located alarm monitoring continuing security monitoring 24/7.  We recommend regular maintenance of your alarm system and batteries, particularly prior to the cyclone season.

Alarm Response

Under an Alarm Response & Monitoring agreement, we can arrange for the dispatch of a mobile security guard to attend to an event alert at your property.  

Alarm Systems

If you require a new alarm system using the latest technology, please contact us to arrange for a quotation, customised to meet your individual requirements.

The Security systems we provide include:
  • Intruder Alarm Systems;
  • Home Alarm Systems;
  • Commercial Alarm Systems;
  • Twenty-four hour remote monitoring;
  • Marine Facility Monitoring;
  • Access Control Systems;
  • Closed Circuit Television;
  • Data Cabling;
  • Intercom Systems;
  • VitalCall (Medical);
  • Nurse Call Systems.

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